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Calculates the dimensional weight and other key metrics for a package.

Shipping rates are determined by the dimensional weight when it exceeds the scale weight - the greater of the dim. weight and scale weight is called the "billing weight". Dimensional weight is calculated by dividing the volume of the package by a "divisor". The dim. divisor may be different between carriers and also between domestic and international shipments.

Most carriers including FedEx and UPS assess dimensional weight on all packages. However, USPS does so only on Priority Mail and Parcel Select shipments if the package exceeds one cubic foot (e.g. 12 x 12 x 12"). Starting June 23, 2019, USPS began assessing dimensional weight on packages going to any zone (1 - 9) instead of only on those going to zones 5 - 9, and it eliminated "balloon rate" replacing it with dim. weight.

Other dimension based surcharges may apply if the package exceeds certain length plus girth thresholds. This calculator will determine the billing weight and/or the applicable surcharge.

FedEx and UPS may have other surcharges when packages exceed certain (very large) dimensions but this calculator does not account for those at this time



Length: {{ Number(length).toFixed(1) }}"
Girth: {{ girth }}"
Length+Girth: {{ (Number(girth) + Number(length)).toFixed(1) }}"

Volume (in.): {{ volume.inRounded }}
Volume (ft.): {{ volume.ftRounded }}

Cubic Tier: {{ cubics }}

USPS Surcharge:

USPS Billing Weight:
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Dimensional Weight:
Carrier Domestic International
{{ key }} {{ value.domestic }} lbs. {{ value.international }} lbs.

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