Lowest Priority Mail Rates

FitShipper Labels offers Commercial Plus Pricing, the best discounted rate available with $100 insurance on Priority Mail, as well as Priority Cubic pricing which offers even deeper savings on small-to-medium size packages, from one to twenty pounds: up to 73% off retail prices.

Cubic pricing is typically reserved for companies that ship at least 50,000 packages per year. However, FitShipper is able to make this heavily discounted pricing available to everyone. And, unlike some other shipping label services which claim to offer it, FitShipper gives you the USPS published rates with no hidden markups.

Cubic rate will often be the cheapest option available for packages from one to twenty lbs. - cheaper than even Fedex Ground or Smart Post in some cases. Here's an example:

*Image shows 2018 rates. Updated image with 2019 rates coming soon.

Cubic pricing is based on the actual size of the package and the shipping distance instead of the weight. And, instead of being limited only to specific boxes like the Regional A or B boxes, you can use any box up to 0.5 cubic feet in size (e.g. 12 x 12 x 6").

Cubic Priority Rate Comparison

Example (Item / Destination) eBay | Etsy | Cubic Rate FitShipper Saves You
4.5 x 7.5 x 0.75", 16.1 oz
Zone 3 (~300 miles)
(Small Flat Rate Box)
(5 x 8 x 1" box)
$0.22 / 3%
10 x 8 x 5", 8.0 lbs
Zone 6 (~1400 miles)
(Medium Flat Rate Box)
(11 x 8.5 x 5.5" box)
$2.62 / 20%
11 x 11 x 4", 12.0 lbs
Zone 5 (~1000 miles)
(Large Flat Rate Box)
(12 x 12 x 5" box)
$7.26 / 41%
Example (Item / Destination) Retail (Post Office / Cubic Rate FitShipper Saves You
4.5 x 7.5 x 0.75", 16.1 oz
Zone 3 (~300 miles)
(Small Flat Rate Box)
(5 x 8 x 1" box)
$0.62 / 8%
10 x 8 x 5", 8.0 lbs
Zone 6 (~1400 miles)
(Medium Flat Rate Box)
(11 x 8.5 x 5.5" box)
$4.17 / 29%
11 x 11 x 4", 12.0 lbs
Zone 5 (~1000 miles)
(Large Flat Rate Box)
(12 x 12 x 5" box)
$9.61 / 48%

Priority Flat Rate Box Prices

  Retail FitShipper FitShipper Saves You
Flat Rate Envelope $7.35 $6.95 $0.40 / 5%
Small Flat Rate Box $7.90 $7.50 $0.40 / 5%
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $8.00 $7.55 $0.55 / 7%
Medium Flat Rate Box $14.35 $12.80 $1.55 / 11%
Large Flat Rate Box $19.95 $17.60 $2.35 / 12%
*Rates as of Jan. 27, 2019

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Selling Platform Integration

Automatically import orders and upload tracking to eBay. Integrations with other platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Shopify and other integrations will be added in the future.

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Find "Best Fit" Box for Your Items

FitShipper's expert shipping calculator determines the best possible rate based on which shipping boxes an item will fit into, including special rate boxes (Priority Flat, Regional, etc.)

FitShipper Best Fit Cheapest Shipping Recommendation

Even when no special-rate boxes offer a better price, FitShipper shows you all available boxes that fit and highlights the smallest one to help save money on padding and box weight.

Lowest Monthly Subscription

  Ship Station Endicia
Starting at $5.00 $25.00 $15.99 $15.95
Labels per month Unlimited 500 Unlimited Unlimited
Best Discount Rate Commercial Plus &
FitShipper Cubic rate
Commercial Plus Commercial Base Commercial Base
Some lower rates available under limited circumstances.

USPS Labels

FitShipper supports most types of USPS labels:

  • Domestic and International

  • Priority Mail - all Flat Rate boxes and envelopes, Regional, Cubic & regular (by weight)

  • Priority Express Mail

  • First Class Packages up to 15.999 oz

  • First Class Mail - Letters and Large Envelopes/Flats

  • Parcel Select

  • Media Mail

More Features


Create SCAN form at any point during the shipping day (no bulk shipping workflow required)

Shipping insurance

$100 Free Priority Mail Insurance. Purchase additional insurance for just 1% of the item value ($1 minimum)

Address verification and correction

Automatically validate and correct addresses before shipping. Avoid returns for missing apartment numbers and undeliverable address

Label Support

Compatible with Zebra LP2844 / ZP450 / etc, Dymo 4XL, and other four inch thermal printers; Dymo LabelWriter 450/Brother (99019 2.3 x 7.5" labels), half and full-sheet laser/inkjet labels

Custom label messages

Print a message on label. Enter a custom message or automatically print a default message, eBay custom SKU or item title

Stealth / Hidden Postage

Keep your actual shipping costs a secret

International customs forms

Easily enter customs info and generate customs forms

No-hassle cancellation

Some shipping label services make it hard to cancel. We won't do that.

Start saving money on shipping

All plans come with a 15-day Free Trial

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Up to 70% off USPS labels

eBay integration - download orders / update tracking

Stealth / hidden postage

Shipping insurance

No-hassle cancellation

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All the features of the Standard plan plus:

Create USPS SCAN forms / manifests

Print custom messages or item SKU onto labels

Leave eBay buyer feedback automatically


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All the features of the Plus plan and:

Compare USPS, FedEx and UPS Prices

Print FedEx and UPS Labels

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